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Welsh Border Life – Jules Monthly Column

This year, Jules joined one of Wales’s leading magazines as monthly columnist.  Passionate about rural affairs with a flair for writing, Jules’s now popular contributions highlight topical causes and issues that are close to his heart, as well as revealing what he has been up to behind the scenes whilst undertaking his often hectic filming schedule.

Here are a couple of his articles but do look out for the latest editions of the magazine to stay right up to date!


Jules to lead Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings maintenance campaign for 2013 (SPAB)


This year Jules is leading the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings annual campaign that urges us all to start thinking about the small things we can do to ensure our homes are safe and sound ready for the winter. During a lifetime spent doing up and renovating old properties, Jules is the first to agree that getting those seemingly small jobs done now, can save you a fortune later. “Whether it’s clearing out your gutters or just repairing a cracked slate or down-pipe, painting a window or cutting back over growth, removing sources of damp from any property is an essential part of the yearly routine.  The more we can encourage people to take as much care of their homes as they often do of their cars, the more we can help to save ourselves a fortune and a huge amount of heartache.  Do it right, and do it now!”.


For more information, go to

This year’s photo shoot was at Wellbrook Manor in Herefordshire. Our thanks to historic buildings charity The Vivat Trust for hosting the shoot.

Jules shares his passion for Renovating Old Buildings at the Hay Festival 2013

SPAB_JH016This year saw Jules debut at the prestigious Hay Festival, just a few miles from his home in Herefordshire.  Speaking on the subject of Renovating old buildings; Practical advice and builders tales, Jules hosted a packed theatre as he recounted much of what he has learnt over the years. Ed Cumming from the Telegraph said: “Renovating a home in the country is one of the great British dreams, but one of the big problems, Hudson argued, is that people are afraid of the difficulties, worrying that they won’t be able to make the changes they’d like or that things will go catastrophically wrong…..he then listed plenty of things that had gone wrong with his own house in Mid Wales which he sold last year. The end result however – as photographs demonstrated was beautiful. Hope for us all?”

You can hear what Jules had to say here:

Jules is also pleased to be supporting the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) National Maintenance Week 2013


Jules as new Ambassador for Hoof at the CLA Game Fair, July 2013


This year sees Jules take up the reins as an Ambassador for Hoof, the British Equestrian Federation’s drive to get as many people as possible to take up riding.  Designed to make the best of the tide of interest following the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics and  the spectacular success of the British Equestrian Teams, Hoof sets out to champion the legacy of the Games. Whether you are new to riding or one of the estimated 4.1 million ‘lapsed’ riders in the UK, Jules is backing the call to get us back in the saddle. “As as keen rider all my life, many will have seen my horsey exploits on Countryfile, from endurance riding over the Welsh Mountains to competing in the show ring.  The opportunities that riding can offer in terms of

exploring the countryside, keeping fit, and learning the skills necessary to care for horses, can be of benefit to anyone, wherever we live, whatever our age or experience”, says Jules.

To get involved, follow the links on the Hoof website.

Jules’ Charities


Jules is a keen supporter of a range of  Charities.  Amongst those he has championed are the RNLI, Rowcroft Hospice in Devon, his local branch of the WI, the British Red Cross, The Wales Air Ambulance, Carers Trust and the Gurkha Welfare Trust which he backed whilst competing in Celebrity Mastermind. Most recently, Jules has become an Ambassador for ‘Hoof’, helping to promote Riding for All as part of the British Equestrian Federation’s post Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy.

Escape to the Country, BBC 1

The all new Escape to the Country starts on the 27th of July 2013. Join Jules and the rest of the team as they scour the countryside for the nation’s perfect rural retreats, as the UK’s most popular daytime property show launches series 14.